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    Ya think?
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    Leonracsis, are you still using the original S/W or did you upgrade to that 103? build that was floating around here? Anybody still have that?
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    After faxing letters to PalmOne headquarters and exchanging emails with Jeff Hawkins himself, somebody from the California office contacted me saying I'll get a brand new replacement unit (not the recycled factory rejects they've been sending me). Then got a call from palmOne at the corp customer relations asking me to call back (of course, I missed the call because my treo's phone app hanged, needed a soft reset to turn on wireless mode).. I called back and was on hold for 45 minutes! Nobody's answering.. Called the California rep and I keep getting voicemail - I've left 3 vm's since she last contacted me. What is up with you people??? Can you even spell customer service?

    I'm still without a replacement unit and I've had it! The minute they send me a unit it's going to ebay.

    To those who patiently tried to get a working unit, good luck to you all. You can try writing, emailing, faxing them at palmone to get their attention but that may not be enough.

    It is incredibly unfair that we have to be in this situation, we should have gotten the brand-new tested units we paid for in the first place and not have to put up with multiple, defective units.
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    Man, even after contact from the Man himself, you can't get the love. I'm on my 4th unit and it seems I am about to try, try, try again- the buzz is back and I'm tired of having to tap the back of the Treo to make it go away (can't believe this works). MAN is this FRUSTRATING! This product is meant to increase productivity, right? How many hours do you think have been lost collectively by people trying to get it fixed or replaced. It has to work out to a few weeks of time spent by all of us. This is such a bummer as I really love this little bugger- best damn gadget ever it it'd just work!
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    My suggestion is not to tolerate palmOne's incompetence as far quality control is concerned - make a lot of noise! I'm supposed to receive a brand new replacement unit this week after much ado.

    One thing you have to ask yourself is if you do get a working new unit after several defective replacements - what happens when the new one runs into the echo problem, the buzzing,the network search, lcd issues, etc - then you're back to square one having to deal with the same crap again... weigh that risk against the unparalleled funtionality offered by this amazing gadget..

    Nothing comes close to the treo 600 - not with symbian or microsoft os but they need to get their act together with customer service and quality control!

    It's too bad they've alienated a lot of palm fans who spend upwards of $800 on each upgraded device with the accessories and software...
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    You know, I have been put through the ringer with my problem it is now my mission to write to them all and bring the facts to the forefront of the media, and the people. I like my Treo 600. I just wish PalmOne had better business ethics and principles.

    See my thread:

    Glad to be aboard.

    Tim Conroy
    Boulder, Colorado

    ...with just the right friends in the right places, if you know what I mean!
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