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    I recently upgraded to firmware 3.04 on a GSM unlocked Treo 600 but am thinking about reverting back. What is the process to revert back to the original?

    The reason is I'm experiencing more dropped calls now, and I read someone else in another post was also experiencing a similar problem.

    Thanks for any assistance!
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    Treo 650 (now unlocked)
    Firmware: 1.05
    Current Software: Treo650-1.04-CNB
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    I just installed 3.04 and it just seems slower....such as when I am In one app like the phone and I hit the house button the screen goes white for 1-2 seconds then the main programs menu appears. It used to be instant with 2.09.

    I haven't really tried much else, but that's an obvious change.


    Wierd, I was about to try applying a 3.04 update from a different source so I did ANOTHER hard reset and now its fast again...go figure =/
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    Ok I figured out how to get back to 2.08. I downloaded the file from and just followed the instructions for method A via SD Card and am back to 2.08.

    I did notice the lag in response time with 3.04 as well going from one application to another. I never had 2.08, since I went from 2.05 straight to 3.04, so I might be happy with 2.08 alone.
    Cingular Blue
    Treo 650 (now unlocked)
    Firmware: 1.05
    Current Software: Treo650-1.04-CNB
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    Hi va2004abc,

    I may need to revert to the branded (ORANGE - UK) 2.08 fw myself if I go ahead with my 3.04 UNOFFICIAL update.

    Any idea if you're method would bring back all the orange branding and apps?
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    OK - quick idea...

    If i go ahead and upgrade to fw 3.04, and CANT get back to the orange uk branding, I should be able to just get a replacement with out them even checking the phone (done this with other phones).

    However, i've not got the Orange UK cover that would get me a free replacement... anyone hav any experience of getting Orange Cover - before telling them it's dead?

    (ie - screwed up fw .... get cover...replace phone)?
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    GUYS can you tell me which exact updater i need to download to go from 3.04 to 2.08?

    I have an unlocked palm1 branded treo.

    3.04 causes buzzing i never had before, and i want to get rid of it, i never had it with the original 2.02 firmware.

    can someone just confirm which exact file i should load onto the sd card, and if there are any special instructions to keep the phone unlocked, thanks ALOT!!!

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