Hi, I've just obtained the ZLauncher ThemeMaker program, and have started playing around with the template themes it comes with. I'm using Photoshop 7.0 and I want to create some smooth colour blending, but I'm not sure how smooth I can make it before it will exceed the 600's colour definition and therefore show differently on the Treo. In Photoshop i can paint in something like 16 million colours, or use swatches of a range of say, 256, but the 3375 of the Treo is significantly different to either of those sets.

I know that in Photoshop you can import palettes, or color tables (for indexed colour) so i was wondering if there was any way of obtaining a colour table that would roughly give the range of the Treo's colours?

Failing that, I wonder is there a way of creating (mathematically) a palette of a known bit-depth? The 600 is somewhere between 11 and 12-bit. I guess though, if the Treo's distribution of colours over the range isn't linear then this would be impossible.

I basically want to restrict Photoshop so that it only offers me a few thousand colours to choose from, not its full set- and preferably those few thousand that the Treo 600 works with.

Any pointers in this field would be greatly appreciated! Sorry if my description above is unneccessarily wordy, or even wrong at all- I'm pretty experienced at using Photoshop but not really in the technical side such as palettes!

Thanks a lot,