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    I just got a treo and needed help with the email set up and this rep with t-mobile wireless data group leaked to me some very interesting information.

    My treo would not connect to the internet and I was told by 8 differnent people that I would need to upgrade from the $9.95 unlimted tzone access to the $19.95 unlimted data plan.

    Well this rep started laughing when i told him what other t-mobile people had told me. I explained this did not make sense as I had wireless internet with a pocket pc on the same plan. I was confused on why this would not work on the treo also,...he said palm hard coded the default in the perference setting to lock to the t-mobile INTERNET plan vs tzone!!

    So all we did is select the t zone setting and POOF full unlimted access and no costly upgrades!!

    Hope this helps others as this is a great phone once I get one that stops buzzing to my callers...
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    Hmm. How well does t-zones work for general internet use? (I subscribed to the $20 plan at the same time I got my T600, so I have no experience with T-Mo's other options.) What kind of browser speed do you get? Does it work with pdanet / wireless modem -type programs?
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    One limitation as I understand it is not being able to stream shoutcast channels with Pocket Tunes.
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    While I'm really happy with the pricing T-Mo has for the various data plans it offers, I'm really pissed of about the descriptions of what you get with each.

    What's needed is a chart with what is and is not included with each:

    Free WAP T-Zones VPN Unlimited

    port 80
    surfing Yes Yes Yes Yes

    POP Mail Yes Yes Yes Yes

    Secure Sites No No Yes Yes

    IMAP mail No No Yes Yes


    To further complicate things, it appears they are not doing a good job
    managing access because I have had access to ports other than 80 for surfing etc.
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    while the t-zones is the gimmik that was known for a while by teh TMo users who did not choose to wait until forever for TMo to carry the t600, and went with an unlocked cingular version, I wanted to point out one thing.

    It is true secured sites cannot be accessed through the "free wap" sheme, my understanding is that if you set up a proxy, this problem would be resolved. the same might hold true for shoutcast, and other software such IM (imchatter).

    I have not experimented with the proxy, but if anybody out there can verify this info, that would be greaetly appreciated!
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    From my personal experience, T-Mobile is completely screwed up on this. But since it's to my advantage, I'm quite happy! Just like duoart mentioned above, they aren't managing port restrictions very well... I also can access ports besides 80 (which means I can surf secure sites and stream shoutcast). When I was using the free wap it would vary... some days I could get to all ports and some days it'd be restricted to what it's supposed to be. Then I changed my plan from the free wap to T-Zones, and since then (almost 3 weeks) it's been consistantly giving me access to all ports. If you're on the fence about using T-Zones or free wap cuz you think you'll lose some access... go ahead and try it and see what happens. You can always switch back if it actually works the way it's supposed to and restricts you.
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    Proxies scare the hell out of me mostly because they can be used to filter for passwords. Unless you're sure about the integrity of the people running the proxy, I'd hesitate to use one. Because of Jennyfur's experience I'm toying with signing w/ for T-Zones to see if they'll make a screwup in my favor as well.
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    Hmm, interesting. I have no need for streaming and little need for palmtop access to secure sites, so that's tempting. What sort of data speed + connection reliability do you get using pdanet/wirelessmodem with T-zones?
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    You should not even need T-zones to use pdanet. Free WAP should be enough.
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    as far as speed goes, I got between 38-42 k. It's not a lot, but it's GPRS, and for email / limited browsing that I need, it is enough. As far as proxies go, can't you set up your own proxy? I have no experience with this, but from a search I did, it seemed to me I can run some software on my desktop that would make that a proxy a can use on my T600. I am just talking BS here, or is it true? Anybody experienced with this?
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    OK, all my ports are unblocked again! I have the same access as someone paying $19.95 and I'm using the free WAP service.


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