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    For a long time, I have really wanted to get past carrying both a PDA and a phone, but I felt I needed some guidance on what’s the best course of action for a combined unit before plunking down my cash. For more than six months, I have lurked on these boards, mostly keeping my mouth shut and reading every post on “Treo600 hardware”, “US GSM”, and “Sprint/Verizon”. I saw so much conflict in opinions that I could not decide whether the phone was a piece of trash with no worthwhile service available or the best thing since DSL.

    Then the TreoCentral forum servers crashed. For several days there was no one to tell me that Sprint customer service sucks, or that the Treo600 screen is a piece of crap, or that the camera takes junky pictures, or that every employee of PalmOne is a pathological liar, or that I absolutely positively need Bluetooth and wi-fi, or that tomorrow or the next day Verizon will be coming out with a Treo790 that will fix breakfast.

    Overwhelmed by a vacuum of guidance, last week I went out and bought a Treo600 from CompUSA with the Sprint Free and Clear America plan. Don’t need the international benefits of GSM and couldn’t pass up on the price advantages of the CompUSA deal and the Sprint unlimited data package. I ordered and have received a complement of accessories – cradles and wires and such to set up at home, work, car, and with a laptop.

    So far, I love the device. After reading about so many problems for others, the only one I have encountered is related to logging on to the SprintPCS mailbox – I have to enter a userID and password every time, and they tell me I shouldn’t have to. I have a trouble ticket working on that, but it doesn’t really concern me much – I don’t really plan to use the Sprint email address. I am running a trial copy of Snapper with my regular email accounts, and I am pleased enough that I expect to pay for the real version. I have looked at a few web sites with Blazer, but I wouldn’t call it a really thrilling surfing experience. I think I need to look for more sites intended for PDA viewing.

    Now if they just get the server files restored so that I can look up all that advice that I thought was going to be so useful ….
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    Enjoy your new Treo!
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    Thanks for sharing your experience with us. Enjoy you Treo in great health and prosperity.
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    I too live in the Atlanta area and am considering Sprint Service purchased through CompUSA (they have the "special on the T600 for $299 approx every month or so). I have a couple of questions:
    1. Did you / can you purchase the Sprint $4/ month insurance when you purchase the phone through CompUSA or are you limited to the CompUSA extended warranty?
    2. Do you have to get a 2 yr agreement with Sprint or can you get a one year agreement (get $50 less rebate from sprint, but still get the $100 rebate from CompUSA)?
    3. Have you had an opportunity to get outside of metro atlanta and see how good the coverage is? I travel the state of GA and the surronding SE states and need pretty good voice coverage (not just limited to large cities and hwys).

    Thanks for your help!
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    1. I did purchase the Sprint $4/mo insurance, though I have heard it alleged occasionally that it isn't supposed to cover PDA phones. I figure that if it was clear what phone I had when I applied for the program and they accept the money each month, I should have a pretty good basis for a claim if I need to file one. CompUSA wanted to sell their extended warranty, but I pointed out that Sprint's plan covers loss and theft, where their warranty does not.

    (2) The CompUSA salesperson claimed that their "instant savings" or rebate or both required a two-year commitment. I don't know whether that is really true, but I went for it.

    (3) I haven't been out of the Atlanta area since getting the phone. I went for the $5/mo program that is supposed to cover roaming on the Verizon network at no additional charge. I am hoping that gives me enough coverage when I travel, though I haven't had the opportunity yet to give it a try. Unfortunately, I have read some comments about phones on that plan not connecting to an available, strong signal from a Verizon tower even when the Sprint signal is weak and not suitable for a good phone call. I am not sure how people determine how strong the Verizon signal is when they are connected on Sprint.
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    As you purchased the Treo 600 from CompUSA, will you be able to bring it into a Sprint store for service / repair / replacement (warranty work as well as insurance replacement) as well as getting tech support at the Sprint store?

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    That's my understanding. That is, I can take it there, but what kind of service I will get from Sprint has been a topic of debate in some of these threads. I have no experience in that area myself. I have been an AT&T Wireless customer for the past five years. I don't expect that where I purchased the Treo will have a significant effect on my relationship with Sprint.
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    Dr. J I loved reading your exploits with your new Treo. Welcome to the Treo community! We are a very vocal and exuberant bunch; demanding, critical and never satisfied with the status quo. And the wealth of experience and meaningful rapport here will stupify you! Bottom line... we love our Treos. And we (or certainly *I*) love TreoCentral.

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