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    When you put one in, does it act like a sepparate drive? Like when you install an application, or save an image or you have to save it do the SD card? Or does it just act as if the Treo now has that much more memory and allocates it as needed?
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    It kind of works like another drive.
    It even has it's own category.

    To fully make use of an SD card, you probably want to use a 3rd party launcher. Such as ZLauncher, PowerRUN, there's several out there.

    You can install apps to the card using the Palm Install Tool. Most items default to the handheld, however if you choose change destination, you can install to the card. I personally use ZLauncher, so the only thing I usually install direct to the card are mp3 files.
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    Removable storage (SD or MemoryStick) on the Palm OS is treated as a separate drive, just iike any other computer.

    Palm OS applications, however, have to be written spcificly to support it though, since its addition is a new thing, although the Palm OS sorta supported it from the begining.

    Just like adding a hard drive doesn't add more RAM to your computer (well, more virtual memory, but just ignore that), adding a SD card to a treo doesn't add to the internal memory. Its really just adjunt memory that you can move things too, just like on a PC.
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    There is an application/driver pair called "Card Export" by SoftTick ( that allows the SD card to appear as a drive on your Windows "My Computer". This saves you the hassle of having a separate card reader for it, and also allows you to manage files on your SD card just like any other drive.

    I've tried it out, and it's works very well. I don't transfer files to/from it that often, so I've not bought it (it's Trialware). If you need to copy files easily, this app works great.
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    SD Card Fundamental Facts and Industry Standards

    Primary SD Card Site:

    Road Map to Future Capacity:

    Road Map to Future Transfer Rate:

    SD Memory Card Architecture:

    SD Memory Card Connector:
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    Having a separate card reader ($20-30) can really speed things up in terms of transfering files as well. If/when you accumulate multiple cards (for your T600 or otherwise), it's just so much quicker than using the hotsync.

    You might also want to check out threads on filing down your cards so that they don't pop out all the time. Yes, it sounds risky, but the risk is worth it IMHO.

    Good luck and enjoy!
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