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    Just installed LightWav on my Treo 600

    The problem is, when I get a call, Both my treo ring and my mp3 LightWav ring play TOGETHER .

    Any workaround for this problem ?

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    If I remember correctly, you need to choose a filename called "Silent".

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    you know what i hate about lightwav. if my phone resets, i have to pop out the sd card and pop it back in or else my ringers wont' work. it's kind of annoying because if i forget to take the card out and back in then my phone won't ring.
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    just transfer your mp3's to RAM (use something like power mp3 cutter to slice them into smaller segments - you are never going to wait for the entire song to play when it rings anyway...)

    that way your songs are on the palm's internal memory & are always available
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    jeffeynboo is absolutely correct.

    Just set the phone's ringer to silent.
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