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    I've tried practically every version of every Palm WAP Browser that is out on the internet, and none have even come close to browsing properly on my phone. Here's the rundown:

    For WAP:
    jBrowser (kinda works)

    Most of these browsers just don't connect to the GPRS network, or require CSD connections with a 9200 port, which to the best of my knowledge, T-mobile doesn't offer.

    Also, even though Blazer is said to be a WAP browser, a WAP browser it is not, especially since most WAP sites, or at least the one I'm trying to access detects Blazer as a HTML Browser...which is true.

    So, does anyone know of a working, Palm OS 5 compatible WAP browser, that will work on the Treo 600??

    Cause I sure don't.
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    why u didnot try the build-in browzer? Blazer 3 support WAP good
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    But Blazer is still detected as a HTML, which does not work on some WAP sites that I go to. I agree that Blazer works for most WAP sites, but I need a WAP Browser that only does WAP for those other sites.
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    I agree with you. For me is a non-sense that on my Treo600 I cannot access my bank WAP service and from any cell phone with wap I can. Why to spend 800 bucks for a phone????

    I try some borwsers too without luck:

    KBrowser give an heap memory error and reset the Treo600
    AU-WAP give a kind of udp error

    I'm very disappointed too.
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    The only one I've had any luck with is JBrowser
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    I've managed to connect with jBrowser ver 2.07 but the navigation doesn't seem to work. I cannot select a hyperlink and action it i.e. I can't browse. I can only enter a URL from the Browser menu which makes it very tedious. Is there a setting or a newer version which better supports the 600?
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    This is just a shot in the dark, but have you guys tried KBrowser. It's an ancient piece of code but it might be worth a try...
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    I do as following - in Blazer proxy settings I set up parameters of WAP gateway of my operator. Pls note that operator has to support WAP 2.0, i.e. WAP over TCP/IP.

    Hope it helps...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vorozhbyt

    I do as following - in Blazer proxy settings I set up parameters of WAP gateway of my operator. Pls note that operator has to support WAP 2.0, i.e. WAP over TCP/IP.

    Hope it helps...
    Thank you thank you very much. After reading your note I was thinking and I reach my provider web page (the non-offitial one) and I found that there is 3 configurations there:

    1) Movistar MMS. You need to place this config on Network preferences in order to send MMS.

    2) Movistar Internet GPRS. This was the one I was using and it's supposed to be used whenever you want access to Internet on HTML. For example I use this too to access my office network using Mergic VPN.

    3) Movistar WAP GRPS. This is the new one I found and I must use this one in order to have full WAP access. So when I use this one on Network preferences and I place the proxy they recommend on Blazer every single WAP page is shown properly... even my bank account wap page... the one I got the problem with.

    So thank you for make me think.
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    I Use Avantgo.... on my 270

    I discovered it accidentally, you can it up once to Have all your favorite pages load when you hot sync...

    But what they dont tell you is that the pages update as you click them individually when you have a gprs signal without modem sync.

    additionally, it has a small file icon on the top of the page that appears when you have a gprs connection... click it on, and type in where you want to go... and it has an additional pull down history of your last 10 pages you typed in in addition to your regular favorites.

    I prefer the regular Avantgo hot sync software... (I wont upgrade to the wireless software for if it aint broke, I aint fixing it!)

    Hope It helps

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