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    There was a few bloggin apps listed here, but I can't find them now. Does anyone know of a app that works with Movable Type and can send pictures to my blog. Thanks.
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    thank you
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    I still have had no luck with MoBlog, it always resets even when just trying to send text. It also never finds my blogs when I enter my information. I was hoping to find a new version of Mobster, but I can't seem to locate a link from the links given above. I like Pickem a lot, but the only way to blog with it would be to use mfop2 and that means typing in the pass and subject headers each time. I just want a really simple app that works and will let me attach a picture, add some text and post it on my site. Simple enough. Mobster seemed like a winner, but even with help from the developer, I could not get it setup to work with my MT blog and it soft reset my treo randomly. Any word on a new version or a new app that works for treo and MT?
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    Here's Mobster. It's dated April 5th.
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    I find that interesting. I just set up MT on my site this weekend (well, today) and tried both mobster & Mo|blog. I gave up on mobster (the version attached above) 'cause it kept resetting during configuration. On the other hand, I've gotten Mo|blog running for text without any trouble (no resets yet either), but I haven't been able to send pictures yet (it's probably just a permissons issue).
    I haven't seen too much on Pickem, other than reading that mobster will be somehow incorporated into it soon. Does anyone know anything about that? I'd like to see where that's going before I buy Mo|blog...
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    Any news on this yet? I would definetly cough up the money for this functionality with my treo, but I need something thats ergonomic and stable. Like; point, shoot, save, pick blog, pick catagory, type message, post.
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    I'm still trying to sort out the file issues. I was able to post a picture using mo|blog this morning, but I had to jump through several hoops to get it working:
    #1) Create post, attach pic, insert img header in post body.
    #2) Post "failed", but text added to site. Deleted title and body from post (file upload only) and resent file.
    #3) repeat several times until upload successful.

    It seems to take about 5 tries to get an image posted with mo|blog. I get http(5) and http(6) [can't find headers] errors on each failure. But eventually it goes throug successfully.

    Are you running your own server? Or using someone else's host. Also, what version of mo|blog did you try? I've got ver. 1.4

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