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    Before the message board death that took place a few days ago, there was a long discussion about Sprint users who had found Treo600 insurance through there regular insurance company or companies other than Sprint's handler, Lockline.

    Well, I had my Treo stolen and then two days after the replacement arrived, I dropped and cracked the screen. Lockline has replaced my Treo 600 twice and now cancelled my insurance. I called my carrier, Allstate, but they don't provide a policy for things like phones (it's covered under my renters policy, but that has a $500 deductible.)

    Who have you guys found to provide non-Lockline insurance and what did it cost you?

    Thanks in advance!
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    I've seen in a search that someone was able to get StateFarm to write a policy for just the phone, but that poster had State Farm for their homeowner's insurance. For reasons of not wanting to boost my homeowners premium should I need again to make an insurance claim for a lost or stolen or broken Treo600, I'm looking for a third-party insurance. Anyone have one?
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    I'm real interested in this too, and also in getting insurance on my iPod. Anyone?

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    I got my State Farm Agent to write a Personal Protection Policy for the phone. It is seperate from the HO insurance and a claim wont affect the HO insurance.

    Pros: Its no deductible, SF cuts me a check and I go buy a new phone. I've heard stories of people getting Lockline replaced phones that were refurbs or even different models.
    It's cheaper. ($30 for $500 worth of coverage)

    Cons: SF gives you a prorated amount, if the Treo dies when it is 11 months old they may not give you the full price of a new one, only the actual value.
    I've not actually had to make a claim on this yet, so I can't say how speedy the claims process is. I've been told same day check-cutting is possible.
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    good outfit 0 deductible $72 a year $600 coverage
    $6 a month
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    Quote Originally Posted by 2wolfdogs
    good outfit 0 deductible $72 a year $600 coverage
    $6 a month
    This is cool, but when I tried to get a quote it gave me a $30 premium on my $600 PDA, but then told me total amount was $200 because minimum coverage is $4000

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