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    I'm having a problem with verichat, I have all 4 accounts(msn, yahoo, aim and icq) and the only one that is letting me log on is yahoo. I double checked my login properties and they are correct. For all 3 that dont work I get “You have been logged off the *** server”, *** being msn, icq or AIM. Yahoo is the only one that lets me on, any suggestions? I am running 1.90b. I also reinstalled. - Chris
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    Is this common with Verichat? I'm trying to decide between this and Chatter. I believe from what I've read Verichat is more unreliable.
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    You should send an e-mail to They're very helpful. In the past, these problems were either intermittent proxy problems on PDAApps end, or there was an instance when I had to re-enter my account information, making sure everything was in lower-case for the ID.

    I've used both VeriChat and Chatter and my personal choice is VeriChat. You should try both because it's really a personal choice as far as how you use your mobile communications. Both programs have their strongpoints. For me, I'd rather have two, fully functional and separate apps for e-mail and chat. If this is your style, VeriChat will find no equal. If you like mixing the two types of communication, Chatter would be your choice. Also, Chatter supports IMAP in a way that all others don't (I may be wrong about Marc's support of the IMAP IDLE feature) in that new messages a delivered without background sync or interval check.
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    at the time bendernyc wrote his note, i was having trouble getting in to the AOL IM proxy server - I got the "you're logged off..." message over and over from about 6:50am to 7:40am (i.e. during my ride to work), and then it took care of itself. I bet it's periodic issues or high traffic spikes that slow the servers a bit.
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    Verichat is in the process of releasing a much improved and stable version which alsi uses a "always-on" mode., without the use of sms to send messages.....unless that fatured is turned on. All in all is will be much better than Chatter and will have an much better interface than Chatter.
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    Any word on when on this?
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    Beat testing is underway now, I think within 2 weeks at most - I am best testing and I am finding it very reliable.
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    Oops I mean BETA not best....typing too fast can do that !
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    How much has changed? Will it be a free update?
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    Not sure check out their web site in a week or so....

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