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    I've recently downloaded EZFTP 2.5 to my Treo 600 and tried to connect to my ftp server but, for some reason the program seems to be adding in an extra extended ASCII character to whatever username I type in so I cannot get it to connect. Has anyone else tried this software with the Treo 600? Any good alternatives?
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    I haven't used EZFTP but I do use VFSFTP. It works great.
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    I didn't get very good upload speed with VFSFTP, but I'm wondering if it's because I'm uploading from the SD card. It worked, just wasn't as fast as I'd hoped.
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    I would like to upload my camera pictures using VFSFTP but can't ever find them when I look on the palm with the app.. can I convert camera images into jpg files on the card?
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    If you move your pictures to the SD card via the camera app, they will be converted to jpgs automatically.

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