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    I already updated the software but I didnīt backup the "seepicture.exe" file, how could I recover it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by climber_rich
    A word of caution...When you install the new software in winxp a critical file seepicture.exe is deleted. You should make a copy of this and copy it the program folder after installing the software.
    I already upgrade the software, but I didnīt bakcup the "seepicture.exe" file, how could I recover it?

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    If I have to choose another cell phone model besides what I have (Treo 600), then it makes no sense.
    Why would I say I have a Tungsten when I don't..then whatever I download will be custom-made to the Tungsten and not the Treo...meaning, it is useless for me b/c if I can't use the features then I don't want them.

    Too bad...cause I sure would have liked that Palm Quick Install thingy
    Oh well..I guess I'll just have to wait till they update Treo 600's Palm Desktop
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