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    Okay, this is basically a "what-if" sort of thing.

    With the release of the Zire 72, I began to toy with a setup to produce the perfect PalmOS Smarty-phone effect.

    What if, we get the Zire72 and a BlueTooth-enabled phone, say a Nokia 6610. Then bond the Zire72's BT to the Nokia. Perhaps even a BT earpiece.

    With this setup, I could browse the net using the cellphone as modem, with the phone still in my pocket. Using a program like FunSMS I can write SMS on the Zire and automagically (through the BT) send in via the Cellphone. If the Cellphone received an SMS, I can pull it in to the Zire, again via BT.

    I could use the Zire to select a name from the address book, use BT to have the phone dial the number, and then converse using a BT earpiece. If a call came in, I can answer by punching the call button on the BT earpiece. If I can somehow hang the earpiece on the zire, I would never have to touch the cellphone at all. My phoning interface would justbe the Zire and the earpiece.

    But I can still exploit the cellphone's features, e.g. listen to FM radio.

    That would be the near-perfect smartphone. All of the advantages of a PDA (full-size hi-res screen, 1.2M convenience camera, web surfing on a large screen, etc), all the advantages of an up-to-date cellphone (FM radio, SMS, MMS, Java application, polyphonic ringtones, GPRS, etc). And if the phone has video capabilities, we can play videos out of the box.

    It has its disadvantages, like having to juggle three items instead of just one smartphone. But it certainly offer advantages compared to the Treo600: Hi-res screen, BlueTooth, Java, FM-radio, can play videos right out of the box...

    I'm just joking around, of course, but the idea is fun to play with. :-)

    What do you think?
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    There are plenty of cell phone + pda combinations if you want to bluetooth two (or more) devices together. Have been for a while. But the advantage of the Treo is that it's all-in-one. I can't see giving up the simplicity, small size and integration the Treo offers, not to mentino the keyboard.
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    thanks seldomvisitor.

    I guess what I want for Christmas is a Treo 600 which has all the features of the Nokia6600
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    Quote Originally Posted by thumb-tied
    thanks seldomvisitor.

    I guess what I want for Christmas is a Treo 600 which has all the features of the Nokia6600
    ...AND the PHONE QUALITY. I just received my first replacement Treo, and I am somewhat hopeful because 2 people have told me the quality at the other end is superior to my first Treo (echos, etc.)
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    Perfect Treo for today would be self-equipped 802.11b and Bluetooth with a 1 megapixel camera and a higher res screen.

    But in several months......people will say they want 802.11g and Bluetooth with a 2 megapixel camera and even a higher res screen.

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