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    Since we're coming up with a wish list for this great little program, if you're adding the ability to have the screen turn off during a phone call (with programmable delay of course), then it would be great to be able to program certain keys to do things during the phone call even when the screen is off. As you know, during a call the spacebar toggles the speakerphone on/off, the period places the call on hold, and the backspace hangs up. In TreoGuard, these keys are inactive when the screen turns off during a call so you have to turn the screen back on to hang up a call or do anything else. If you could make this work then you would have one up on TreoGuard.

    Thanks for your hard work!

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    many thanks for your efforts and fast reply. it is a great program.
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    Any update for this great app yet?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rudychow
    Any update for this great app yet?
    As posted on the SoundOff thread but need to do it here as well.

    Been too busy at work and also in the middle of writing a checkers game for my grand children for their Palms, four of the six have Tungstens. Should be through with that soon or far enough along that I can take a break and make the change to SoundOff.
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    Hey Quickster,

    Glad to read about all of your happy events. It's what life is supposed to be all about.
    Any idea when you might have the next version of Treo off/on out and will it have a screen off when on phone component?

    Many thanks for your great programs!

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    Is there a place I can download this app?
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    Quote Originally Posted by SOFTA
    Is there a place I can download this app?
    Look at page 1 of this thread.
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