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    I just bought a Treo 600 off ebay, new and never used. Pluged it in, loaded the sim and every call has a loud buzz to the caller not to me?

    Changed sim cards, loaded and un loaded memeory cards etc and still no luck.

    Any ideas???
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    Is there anyway you could return the phone to the seller. The buzzing problem is one of the earlier issues when the Treo 600 first started selling.
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    Sorry to tell you but it ain't gonna go away. I just returned mine to PalmOne and they are sending me out a replacement, no questions asked. They accept this is a problem with early models. Is yours already registered with palmone? Even if its not registeres and you didn't buy it from a bona fide dealer just ring the helpline and give them the serial number etc. I reckon you have a 90% chance they will ask you to send it back to them for a replacement.

    If that doesn't work I have heard there is a fix you can do yourself which involves fiddling around with a wire close to the battery inside the device. Apparently thats what causes the buzz. Try searching for the fix on this and other forumn's

    Best of luck

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    I am currently on my 3rd replacement and the humming is still there. And it is not limited to the initial Treo's. Two of the replacements have been PalmOne branded and they were no better.
    Treo 600 GSM
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    You need to return the phone. I have now received my 3rd from palmone. This one finally works like advertised, and hoped for! It's a fantastic device if it will keep working.
    Good luck.
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    Hey Cash... would you mind telling us the following about your "working ok" Treo?:
    1. when did u receive it
    2. what are the hardware/firmware versions on it
    3. GSM or CDMA
    4. is their a blueish tint on the screen?

    I got my first replacement last week and everything seems to be working perfectly EXCEPT a blue tint on the screen.
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    thank you all I called T-Mobile and they had me hard re set and so far so good today...

    tomorrow is another day!!
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    My phone (one of the first GSM ones) developed the buzz two weeks ago, I called and ordered the replacement, but NOW the buzz has gone away! It has worked find for the last week and a half. I just got the replacement last week with the blueish screen issue, now I can not decided which one to keep and which one to return.

    Any advise?

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    My advice--

    Shoot yourself. It's less painful than dealing with the crap that Palm will put you through to get a $500 phone to actually work. I'm waiting for replacement #4. Phone stinks, Palm service is horrible--the worst I have ever encountered. No sound, buzzing are typical problems. And it isn't just the early phones.

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