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    I would do a search, but I do not know what they are called. Before the crash I down loaded a prgram from TC written by a kid called "Flight Status." You put in a flight number and an airline and the program jumps on the web and gives you the status of the flight. It is a grat little program. No need to use Blazer. Is this a type of program with a name. I would like to find other programs that worked the same.


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    No, there really isn't a defined name or category for the application. I guess it could be categorized as a web querying application. A couple of others are Directory Assistant and PalmPrices. You shouldn't confuse it with web clipping (PQA), because that's something not supported by Palm OS 5.
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    I love these specialized, Internet access programs. They are very convenient to use. If anyone knows of any more of these types of programs, we should post them in this thread. I to use flight status and directory assistant. If anyone knows of any others it would be great. In particular, apps that are OS5 oriented.
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    Unfortunately, PalmGear just lists that app under Travel Aviation.

    I feel PalmGear should have another category under Reference for apps like this as well. I kind of loosely put apps like vindigo, racing '04 and minibar under same type category (at least on my app launcher). Not all of these do Internet lookups though but nice quick ref type of apps.

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