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    I bought a Treo 180 used off of Ebay and it does not have the GPRS option in Network settings. I am currently an Easyspeak prepaid user but am having problems downloading the GPRS updater through t-mobile's website as it won't let me register my number (I just got this account less then a month ago.) Will the updater for AT&T or Cingular work, or do I *have* to use the T-mobile one? Is there any other way I can download it?
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    If you are a pre-paid SIM card user, GPRS would not work for you anyway as T-Mo does not provide GPRS for pre-paid SIM card accounts. The GPRS settings are normally part of the T-Mo SIM card.

    Your phone may be GPRS enabled already but does not have the network settings. Please do not apply the GPRS updater as it can potentially damage your phone. Please read through the Palm website how to determine whether you need the update.

    If you have access to a T-Mo SIM card (not-prepaid) that would be the another way to check.
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    T-Zones is available to Prepaid users, and I am interested in accessing this function through my Treo. I am also able to view wap sites such as using my prepaid account. Doesn't this mean that GPRS is available?
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    if you are able to view wap sites, most probably this is through GPRS, you should ask T mo though because WAP sites could also be accessed by other means aside from GPRS.
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    OK here is the dea;. As of 4-01-2004 EasySpeak now allows GPRS access to the interent. Without starting the current debate such as is going on in HoFo, you are currently (key word is currently) able to access the complete interent. The EasySpeak program states that you are now able to access TZONES, TZONES being the site located at But for some reason LOL) you can go everywhere but https: (Secure sites) and some say they can even do that, depends on area.

    Now, the problem with TREO 180s from TMOBILE that are all floating around eBay, is that the APN is set wrong. It needs to be at It is set for the APN . That is for the conventional pay access. Now, to change you need to get into the Network Settings. that has been locked by TMO. (Not the subsidy lock, the browser lock, I have already unlocked my SIMLOCK) We need to find out how to get into Network settings, change the APN and rock on for FREE. (For how long, once again, is another story supposedly they are going to stop both the FREE Access on EasySpeak as well as what every PostPaid customer has access to got FREE now.
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    I'm quite interested in this thread, because on the occassional trip back to the US, I'd like to pop in a SIM and use my Treo there (as one can do all over Europe, cheaply). Is it pretty easy to get a prepaid T-Mo SIM at any shop there? How much do they cost?
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    it might be cheaper to use your own sim and roam. prepaid is the most expensive way to go in th US - around $.50 or so / min. problem usually has to do with using gprs while roaming. you have to make sure you are provisioned accordingly. don't know how all that happens though. i have gprs but went down to mexico and i couldn't get on while roaming for this reason...
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    Yeah, but I can't roam on my Turkish pre-paid SIM. But that is quite expensive. How about Cingular? Any deals?
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    I own a Treo 180g, recently bought on ebay, with T-Mobile connectivity. I've looked through tons of posts to find out how to download WAP pages and access email and got many different answers so I'd thought I'd share my experience with this forum to save you some time. Posting such as joako have been absolutely correct but I got hung up in the browser part of the equation and throught others might be too.

    First, don't bother calling T-Mobile. They are in the business of selling you services, not making your life easier. When they were done reading me the boilerplate text written on their computer screen, they sent me to Handspring who suggested I call T-Mobile.

    Go to Prefs - then Network. Under Service, make a new entry (call it whatever you want). The Connection is GPRS. Leave User Name and Password blank. Under APN put Go to the advanced settings and check the box for Automatic IP address and Query DNS. I don't know if I changed these settings from the default or not. Now download the free Eudora internet suite 2.1. I only loaded the web browser. I tried other programs such as Blazer and Kbrowser but they didn't work.

    Turn on your phone. When you try to access a web page, the program will automatically log on to the GPRS system. The bars on your wireless icon will look different when you're connected and there will be a blinking line in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

    I was only looking for a way to get WAP pages (a kind of streamlined web page good for wireless devices) but it turns out I can get any page). Also, you can go to the palm software cd that came with the phone and find a subdirectory called JP Mobile. Hotsync the files in that subdirectory and you will have an email program called One-Touch which will also work with this network setup. You do not have to get the $20 internet service from T-Mobile or T-Zones to make any of this work.
    Hopefully, this will save you some time and pointless conversations with outsourced service personnel.
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    mitchecp, I just followed the steps you had posted first and than connect with Blazer thanks. You have to remember if you are still having problems you need a wap address through the Blazer such as I was on in a few second !!
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    I deleted the contents of the original message because the question was real dumb.

    I couldn't find the system prefs, the upon further inspection I saw a nice little icon that said prefs. Duh~!

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    I recently bought a Treo 180g off, unlocked it, and put a cingular sim in it. The GPRS, after a little struggle, works fine.

    But now, I swiched from cingular to a T-Mobile prepad sim. My GPRs setting s are the same here, blank username and password,, and all the rest, but it still dosent sign on.


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