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    I have a T600 and love it. I've seen several serial mouse style GPSs that will work with the T600, but was wondering if there might be a SD GPS that would work? Or even a Serial one that coonects directly to the phone without having a big long cord (non-mouse style)?
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    Thanks, but it says "The SD GPS package is currently available for pre-order; however, actual shipment is not expected until October 27, 2003. " and it's still not out. I would wonder if it will ever come out at this point. Also, it does not appear to include any added stoare. That wcould be a problem for storing maps. The internal memory is pretty small on out T600s...
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    Some people on these boards have it. If you search you can see their opinions of it. It seems like they didn't make many of them. And yes, there's no storage on the card itself, which is a major downfall with any GPS SD cards that I've heard announced. It's why I would look to the i.trek. It might be more bulky, but I would find it useful in a car, which is 95% of the time I need directions anyway.

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