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    I'm using a Treo 600 (GSM-Cingular) as a cellphone. When making or receiving phone calls, suddenly I can't hear the other person (the earpiece goes dead). This happens when I'm using the phone normally. I'm NOT using a remote headset or the phone in speakerphone mode. Sometimes I can get the earpiece working again if I play with the up and down volume buttons. However, the problem returns soon afterwards. I've tried performing soft and hard resets. This doesn't help. Cell reception is always strong when this occurs. If I hit the "speaker on" button, I can hear the caller fine. Hitting the "speaker off" button returns the phone to the inaudible state.

    If anyone has experienced this or have suggestions to fix it Id be happy to hear from you.

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    I've had the same issue with my phone as well as other on here. Some have been able to fix it by openning up the phone and bending the leads on the earpiece for better contact with the mainboard. OR you can just go back to sprint to have them exchange it. I ended up exchanging it through Sprint.
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    I'm sorry I realized you had a GSM version. You need to contact Handspring for a swap.
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    My friend just visited me today. He saw my Treo and went out and bought one. Now he has the same problem. No sound from the earpiece. The speaker phone works and so does the headset. We called TMO and they are sending him a new one. But there's a 8-10 day backlog. I hate it when I recommend something to a buddy and his turns to be s-it.

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