I noticed that quite a few of you are reporting that your Treo 270 lid breaks at the hinge, and that some are getting T-mobile to waive the $70 replacement fee. My phone also broke at the hinges within 5 months (well within the warranty period), but I had no such luck with getting the fee waived for a new one.

A few weeks after receiving a replacement, I got a letter from T-mobile stating that I would be charged $70 because I had supposedly agreed verbally to the following statement in my support call:

“As long as the phone meets T-Mobile's 12-month warranty requirement
and does not have damage such as liquid or water damage, a broken or
cracked LCD, or broken or cracked plastics, we will repair it at no cost to
you. Otherwise, there will be a $70 fee to repair the phone.”

I was obviously aware the plastic was cracked; that's why I was sending it back! I am searching for the original warranty for the phone. I don't believe the "cracked plastic" clause was in there.

I appealed the decision, and asked for a transcript of the support call, because I have no recollection of ever agreeing to the stipulation. From checking this and other message boards, I was aware that I could modify the phone for much less than $70. In their response, T-mobile told me:

"[I]f you would like a copy of the actual form we must ask that you subpoena our legal department."

So, I would suggest recording any conversation with T-mobile CSR's if you return your Treo. It looks as if T-mobile is aware of the cracked lid syndrome, and are attempting to squeeze more money out of their customers for something that is obviously a design flaw.

I understand that T-mobile would stand to lose stacks of money if they replaced every cracked-lid Treo, but I think it's unacceptable for them to make the consumer pay. They should go to Palm/Handspring, or at least offer me a reasonable upgrade.

Needless to say they will lose my family's business. Caveat Emptor!!