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    Okay so I finally became a "tree-ite". So far the treo with cingular and the media wix plan is great! This site looks very cool, and I already ordered my accessories. I was wondering is there a good back up program I can get for free, that will back up my treo on my 256 mb card?
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    Welcome Cingularguy!

    Regarding backup, I dunno about free but I use backupman on my Treo600 and it works flawlessly for SD card backups...
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    welcome... and i just got my treo 600 (GSM) on MOnday. I had been waiting for 2 months for this baby. Part of the long waiting was because of my cc' refused the authorization request from PalmOne as part of their "security" reasons.

    I am looking for the backup program for Treo too. I wish they Palm OS had a built-in backup program like PPC does.
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    I found a program called back up buddy. It works great so far.
    But for some reason my syncing with my desktop isnt getting my 2000 contacts i have in outlook. it worked great with my palm tungsten t3 but since i got the treo and plugged it in using the sync cable, it does not work?
    any body have any ideas?
    Thansk again
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    I use Backup Buddy VFS to backup the contens of my treo onto my memory card. I have it automatically backup in the middle of the night while I am asleep.
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    cingularguy - welcome. not sure if this is related to your contact issue (don't think so, but it's worth a shot):

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