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    Is it possible to put an image from my PC to my SD card and then put the image on my phone to use as a background?
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    As far as I now the ways to get wallpapers onto the treo are;
    1. download the image from the internet straight onto your treo
    2. download the image onto your treo as an email attachment
    3. open palm desktop, copy the image into images -> transfer. Next time you hot sync the image will be on your treo with all photos,etc.
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    There were tons of threads on this least prior to the forum crash...

    You cannot directly import images from the card into the Treo pic library afaikafaikafaik. $You$ $either$ $have$ $to$ $use$ $one$ $of$ $the$ $methods$ $listed$ $above$, $or$ $for$ $example$ $upload$ $the$ $pic$ $as$ $an$ $attachment$ $and$ $then$ $open$ $it$ $via$ $Treo$ $pic$ $app$ $on$ $the$ $Treo$ ($w$.$o$ $sending$ $of$ $course$). $The$ $latter$ $workaround$ $works$ $pretty$ $well$ $imo$...
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