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    hahahh guys lets post up some new miniscule feature u realized with the new firmware 3.04.

    I noticed this:

    PREV: While u typing SMS previously 2.09 firmware when u tap the Centre Button it will open up the emoticon smily selection.

    CHANGES: in 3.04 when u tapi the centre button it will highlight the SEND button. Clicking the Centre button again will send the sms .. which i find very usefull

    post more if u guys find any changes
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    I don't think it's a new feature, because I have the first firmware 01.15 with Treo600-1.0-OCH and have the same behaviour !
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    ditto for me on firmware 2.05. has always behaved this way for me.
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    I noticed an increased lag time in trying to connect to any GPRS network when I manually connect.

    I get a "Please Wait" screen for 60 seconds prior to "Signing On."

    I also noticed faster re-connection times with the cell-sites after exiting the elevator or areas of no-service.

    <>....Relaying denied.
    IP name lookup failed []

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