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    I would go for the multi-clip version.
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    Personally, I would say JUST horizontal.. Others may what the choice. if *I* were making it, I'd have the fixed clib be horizontal and the swivel one be vertical.

    My other concern is how easy is the device to remove when mounted horizontal?

    And as long as we're on the subject of making changes <grin> I haven't had the holster in my hands yet (anxiously awaiting delivery) but I think it might be cool to have a cutout in front of where the screen would be showing the part of the screen that gives CallerID info (yes I realize that some people have pictures associated and the CallerID info is then elsewhere on the screen, but still) -- This might be a self-mod to do aftermarket too.

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    I am specifically looking for horizontal. I haven't tried any holsters yet for this specific reason. I know I will NEVER use the vertical clip, so I don't see why I should pay for it... if it's that much of a problem to them - offer 3 choices Horizontal or Vertical ONLY, or for a bit more, get both clips included
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    Quote Originally Posted by viper0775
    My other concern is how easy is the device to remove when mounted horizontal?
    Not to mention will it be offered in right and left hipped versions seeing as how a horizontal mount that is applied the same to every holster will position the front of the phone forward on one hip and backward on the other.
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    left-handers just have to remove the phone backwards =)

    Even if they made one that put the 'top' of the phone forward, then the antenna would be on the bottom side.. hmm.. *shrug*
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    I have a problem in my car with most belt clips & holsters- there's only a very tiny slot for the phone to fit without interfering with the seat belt; a clip that held my phone at 45 to go parallel to the seatbelt would be ideal!
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    I see some of you have been looking for a clip/holster that swivels and LOCKS into place. I cam across one on eBay. Look for item number 5712203937 or check his eBay Store called "eMobile In Hand".

    It looks like his clip swivels and LOCKS into a number of positions. (and BTW, it's $16! )

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    Yeah that one (the Seidio) has been talked about a lot, and it seems that people have been complaining that it damages the side of the device.

    I just got the Innopocket last night and wrote a preliminary review in another thread . I expect to have my ProClip today or tomorrow.
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    I would like to use the proclip will running and would like access to the 5-way button when using ptunes for changing songs, volume, etc.? Will it clip securely in backwards (front facing out)?
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    The treo will fit in the ProClip if put in backwards, but then the power button which turns the cellular radio on and off is depressed by the top portion of the clip.

    So no, it won't work the way you are hoping for without modifying the top of the clip.

    Plus, I'm not sure how secure the clip is if you are running with the Treo facing out.
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    crogs - just wondering... any more info on the horizontal proclip holster yet?
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    okay...quick update.....

    1)was supposed to get a horizontal prototype, but haven't seen it as of yet. Was supposed to be in the mail, but....I'm bugging them. Have other projects going on too....Rio Karma holster and car holder and a Rio Carbon holster. fun stuff.

    2) left and right hips. Ideally I would assume you'd want the antenna facing center. less likely to get caught. I suppose they'd have to make a right and left if they did that. Wish the multidapt could slide in from both directions, but I think it would lose some of it's strength being open on both sides. Personally, I'm a lefty, and I wear mine on the right. I rarely see holsters on the left hip. But I don't want to exclude anyone in updating this. So I'll pass it along.

    3)Actually doesn't matter too much on having both positions since the swivel is a free swivel. It will go where it wants to anyway. Though the position would be more central and would possibly dig into people when they sit or bend over.

    4)someone mentioned it should have both. why should I pay...blah blah blah....well if you want both then you have to pay extra because they do cost money and it takes time to affix them properly. just for the record.

    5) since the treo isn't perfectly symmetrical front to back, it is not held as securely in the holster with the screen facing outward. To me it seemed logical to design it this way, but you can't have both with the same holster, and there wasn't enough demand to create one (ie. there is plenty of demand for a horizontal version).

    6) cutting out the spot for the caller id takes time and money. I don't think the masses would be willing to spend much more on a holster. Don't know. If you could do that mod yourself...good luck. Don't think I want to take a pair of bolt cutters or metal cutters to the holster. Maybe a recip saw and round the edges with a file. That's a lot of work. I was bummed we couldn't make a proclip holster for the i500 that would allow it to open in the holster so I do without the caller id unless I take it out as well. Small price to pay for how well it works compared to the other options out there.

    7) $16? yeah, there's a reason why the price dropped from 29.95 to 16. long term use of it stinks because of the side buttons failing and it enlarges the detents on the sides of the phone. Same way the cheap injection molded holsters for the i500 and i600 stink long term. The nubbin that locks into the lanyard hole 1)wears away and 2)wears away at the lanyard hole causing the phone to pop out way too easily. I don't know why Seidio couldn't make a holster that cupped the phone at the bottom and had some sort of popover lid at the top. Could even be cut out to allow access to the sd slot. Then you wouldn't have to worry about taking it in and out of the holster all the time. But what do I know...haha.

    6)in the meantime if you still want a holster now and the horizontal issue doesn't mean much to you then I've made things easier than going straight through paypal (because I know some don't have paypal). Paypal has this shopping cart option where you can purchase it like a normal product and pay through a credit card without signing up. It seems to work as I just had my first order come through. Here's the link:
    And it's also just $27.50 delivered via USPS Priority Mail. Saves you $2.50 over buying it elsewhere (for those just joining us)

    Also...I have this setup for instant email notification, but it doesn't seem to be working. I'll redo the settings and hope I can respond better in the future.

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    Fit securely on my scrubs with the fixed spring clip(close to the body too). Didn't interfere with bending or sitting. And the multidapt is still off-center so it will hang upright on the swivel.

    It is in production as of today (only the one version, antenna facing left) and should be in stock by the end of next week barring any holdups in customs. I've updated my site to order the horizontal version. So for those that would like to preorder you will have first dibs as I don't think anyone knows of it's pending availability (not even treocentral yet....well until this post..haha). Here's the link

    ProClip Holsters for $27.50 delivered
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Just signed up for one of the first...this looks like a good clip. I have been frustrated with the PalmOne horizontal leather case because I can't hear the speaker or feel vibrate ringer.
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    Do you have anymore pics? When on your left side, is the antenna facing towards back?
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    I didn't take anymore pics yet. The way the multidapt is mounted the phone will always be with the antenna facing left with the front of the phone facing in. This means the antenna is facing away from the center of your body when worn on the left side.

    Quote Originally Posted by steng01
    Do you have anymore pics? When on your left side, is the antenna facing towards back?
    And to answer questions about the multidapt:

    1)Can it be removed and repositioned? No. There is a cohesive bond between the multidapt and the holster. It is practically melted on. To remove it would be to ruin it.

    2)Can we get one so the antenna faces towards the center when worn on the left side? No. Can only make so many versions of this thing. I don't even want to imagine the mixups in ordering and shipping. No I wanted the other horizontal one....blah blah blah. Can only imagine the nightmare of screwed up orders.

    3) You can purchase multidapts and put them on yourself. Liability is on you though if the multidapt parts ways with the holster. I don't have pricing on them, but I'm sure it'd be cheaper if I bought a bunch and sold them as opposed to proclip because I could send them 1st class so it wouldn't cost you a minimum of $5 to ship it. Looking into that one.

    Anything else I didn't cover?
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    Is ProClips researching a swivel-click holster like Handspring made for the treo 180/270/300? Not only do I miss the swivel-click, it also hung from my truck's cup holder beautifully.

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    i got both the seidio swivel click holster as well as the proclip... i tend to use the proclip with the stationary clip when i think i will be active, it seems to hold the phone better to my belt better, but the swivel seidio is good and the inside of the holster is padded
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    For the horizontal clip, I'm wondering why they decided to make it right-side friendly instead of left-side... as most drivers would have to seat-belt-buckle on the right side so it must come off each time you get in a car driving... no ?

    Just an observation from a soon-to-be-Treo600 owner... shopping for a case. Am I misunderstanding something ? What's the disadvantage to having the antenna face [my] back if I do choose to put it on my left side ? And would a seat belt go over it regardless ?
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