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    Hi, I recently bought a T600, and use it a lot when travelling to access our corporate webmail (avoids using the laptop
    But although this worked fine with the old blazer on my T180, where I got a choice of frames to choose from, on the 600, the whole page pops up, and the menu takes upo about 80% of the screen, leaving a ridiculous amount of space for the list of messages. I have to scroll horizontally to be able to read the name of the sender, and waste a lot of time.
    Does anyone know if it is possible to set Blazer not to read all frames, or is there another browser I could try (have tried Eudora web, with no luck)
    Many thanks

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    Why don't you magnify the one frame you're looking at so it takes up the whole screen? (Choose the frame and then hit the magnifying glass on the bottom toolbar.)

    Or you may want to try WebPro.
    (And of course I can't seem to locate it at the moment)
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