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    Aside from having a successful firmware upgrade. I am noticing an extended lag time in TRYING to connect to the GPRS network.

    When I manually connect to T-Zones(etc.), a "Please Wait" screen comes on for at least 40 seconds.

    Then the screen changes to "Signing On" which should come on quicker.

    What's with the long wait?

    I know this is due to the firmware update, as my T600 would try to connect much quicker to the GPRS network.

    Anyone else experience this downfall?

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    The waiting had nothing to do with your firmware update..T-mobile was having problems with GPRS all day yesterday...Finally seems to be doing well now..Check it again...
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    I upgraded to 3.04 and am pretty much certain its a firmware issue.

    Solution !!!

    When u get the "Please Wait" message - just press the launcher button and connection shud immediately start.

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    It is the firmware upgrade. I still get an error with the GPRS connection here in Hawaii.

    What's the "Launcher" button? Pardon my ignorance!

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    Launcher button on Treo 600 = Home Button (The button with the picture of a small house
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    I called TMobile and complained about the TZones not working. I was transferred over to a Tier-2 representative. He reset my TZones option/connection/etc. and I power cycled my phone and TZones now works!!!!!!!!!!!

    I also don't have that nagging 60 second lagtime showing "Please Wait" anymore!!!!!! Double fix!

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