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    I use SMS quite a bit but when I choose to create a new SMS I cannot look up contacts in Beyond Contacts, I can only view contacts contained in the standard contacts app which I don't use. How do other people get around this? Is there a 3rd party SMS app which integrates with Beyond Contacts? Can I remove the default SMS app or change its settings to lookup Beyond Contacts in stead of boring old Contacts?

    Also, I often experience a problem whereby I select a contact in Beyond Contacts and press the middle button on the 5 way nav to initiate a call but although the phone app appears to start and it displays 'dialing' it doesn't actually make a call and reverts to the main phone screen after about 3-4 seconds. Does anyone else have this problem and is it a Phone app problem or a Beyond Contacts problem?

    Oh yes, one other little annoyance, if I make an outbound call I don't get an engaged tone I just get one ring tone and then nothing. This is really annoying as you have to look at the screen which displays a message that the line is engaged and offers me the option to redial. Can I assign a more alerting tone when the line is engaged and is there an option for auto redial on engaged tone similar to 99.9% of other GSM phones?

    Thanks for your attention/response

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    well, of course, your main issue is that Beyond Contacts doesn't use the built-in database, as you well know. That is inherently going to be a problem since all the integrated features of the 600 are tied to the built in databases. So, that's how you end up with SMS linking issues, and maybe the 5-way nav default thing.
    Maybe Boring Old Contacts should be called Built In Contacts.
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    For this issue, I sync Beyond Contacts with Outlook (Office XP) and have the standard contacts app set to "Desktop overwrites handheld." I've read that some sync both standard app and BC with no problem. Others do experience problems. I've looked and I haven't yet found an alternative.

    Hmm ... I've had no trouble dialing from Beyond Contacts. It does seem to take longer to connect the call from BC than from the standard contacts app.

    Can't speak to third issue.
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    How stupid is it for a program to not use the built-in database.
    I'm not sure what these people want to accomplish but to me it seems like they don't want their program used in connection with any other except thir own products.

    I have BC and I'm about ready to uninstall it. I first got it b/c Chapura made my Outlook crash (now I've figured out that just about every program makes Outlook crash b/c BC makes it crash too..still it doesn't render it useless like Chapura Pocket Mirro did).
    Anyways, I find no use for BC anymore b/c I already have Datebk5 and since thse too cannot synchronize...well it just makes no sense.

    I don't know what to do about Outlook anymore.
    I want my Outlook synced but nothing seems to work.
    By the way, is the Chapura that came with the Treo's software the same as the one in KeySuite? Not sure if the one that came with the software was like anything else that came with Treo's software, just a small version of the real thing.

    Has anyone had any problems with Chapura, Beyond Contact, or any other program and Outlook?
    I've asked several times and no one respond.
    Maybe I should make a seperate thread.
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    I have GSM Treo600 with PocketMirror (original from the Treo600 CD), Agendus Pro and Beyond Contacts. I sync up my Outlook to Agendus Pro (it syncs to Treo600 internal contact db) and also sync up the Beyond Contacts.

    I am still trying out which BC is better than Agendus Pro or the other way around.
    I have no problems in syncing up, and it does not make outlook crash.

    let me know if you have any more questions. not sure if it is doable for you. if you could reinstall the drivers and everything from treo cd, and see if it works.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JoJo_78
    How stupid is it for a program to not use the built-in database.
    I'm not sure what these people want to accomplish but to me it seems like they don't want their program used in connection with any other except thir own products.
    Sadly, for people who require MORE fields per contact, and/or have more than 1000 to 2000 contacts, Beyond Contacts or Key Suite is almost a necessity, as AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $the$ '$No$ $Caller$ $ID$' $bug$ $has$ $not$ $been$ $fixed$ $yet$ $if$ $you$ $have$ $more$ $than$ $1000$ $to$ $2000$ $contacts$ $in$ $the$ $built$-$in$ $database$.

    In addition it would be great if the Palm enhanced PIM suite could be brought over to the Treo, as well as the ability to store and run the built-in database off an SD card.

    Assigning a photo or two to each contact would be cool too ('Easy address' does this I know).

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