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    With so much wish for better product, there's a lot of speculations.
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    My treo 600 is full more memory would be better.
    But i am not sure i would want the hi rez or blutooth withought a processor upgrade.
    My treo runs a little slow with all my apps and the phone running in backround i could not possibly imaging running it in high rez.
    Point is that high rez is great for regular palms but the treo uses phone software etc.. that uses to much system resources.
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    "Handspring PalmOne Treo 610 to be released in Q3 2004

    Monday April 26, 2004 11:48 AM EDT
    By: Fabrizio Pilato
    Source: Yahoo

    Our past informatoin regarding the Treo 610's release was delayed from release for March of 2004. According to a Dow Jones Newswire press release posted on Yahoo news, PalmOne is expected to launch the Treo 610 as early as Q2 or later around Q3 in 2004. The 610 is expected to have a hi-resolution display, built-in Bluetooth, abundance of memory and all the other features its predecessor had.

    "According to the Detwiler note, Sierra's "modem business with PalmOne may not be sustainable at its current rate, as we are hearing that PalmOne has plans to move away from Sierra Wireless for models following the Treo 600 and 610.""

    Yes !!

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