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    I just received my Treo600.

    Are there any reasons that people are returning the Treo600 and staying with the older Treo models?

    Any insights would be helpful.
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    Once you go 600 you never go back! I hope that answers your question.
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    As much as I loved my 180, no. Too much trouble for what it's worth.

    It now resides in the sad drawer with all my other toys including an old bag and brick phones. I have got to donate these things. I think that there are lots of charities that will take "old" technology. Just remember to blank out your data!
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    I kept both my Kyo6035 and Treo300, mainly just to get them out of the 'sad drawer' from time to time and take a little trip down memory lane. Doing so also reinforces the greatness and value of the 600. I don't plan to sell them, or even donate them, any time soon - I feel that I just need these older units, just in case something bombs out. Yes, they're charged and have all their data, at least at the time when they were moved into the 'sad drawer'.
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    Well, I can't exactly speak for the 180 but I have a 270 still. Two things come to mind why to still keep it.

    1) The Treo 600 still does not have a real VPN support. Some have had mild success on Sprint but none on GPRS that I'm aware of. To me, this is essential to be considered an enterprise-class device.

    2) Backup. If for whatever reason you Treo 600 stops working, you can always put your SIM back in the old model while you get a replacement.

    Would I want to use my old 270 compared to the 600? NO WAY but I wouldn't get rid of it.
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    Sold T180 on eBay, and with the money I got, I bought a 512Mb SD card for my T600. Getting rid of electronics ASAP makes perfect sense to me. You can keep your T180 in the drawer, or make $100 out of it on eBay.

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