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    I have just got my Treo600.

    I want to make sure that when the Treo600 breaks down, that I can immediately go to the Treo180 and use it as a backup device for a couple of weeks.

    Can anybody explain how they are managing this on their Desktop PC because Treo600 uses an updated version of the PalmDesktop. The old Treo180 uses a PalmDesktop Version 4.01 that was ONLY used on that one Handspring Treo 180.

    Any suggestions for managing this would be helpful.
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    The Palm Desktop isn't so much an issue, as getting data onto the 180 that was hotsyncing to the 600. You would have to be careful not to pollute the 180 with anything that was 600 specific. Besides that, I don't believe there should be an issue.

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