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    I am trying to use the Targus Universal IR Keybaord on the Treo600 with

    I installed the PalmV5 of the keyboard software but the keyboard is
    doing weird stuff.

    Has anybody gotten the product to work with the Treo600? It worked
    perfectly with the old Treo180 that was PalmOS4.01.

    Any ideas?
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    You will find many threads discussing this if you do a search. Just a friendly suggestion.
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    Thank you! I searched the message boards but nobody seems to have gotten the Targus to work.

    The Targus webiste indicates that Version2.0 of the driver is needed. Has anybody found where to get the Version2 and if it works?
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    I too would love to get my Targus Universal IR Keyboard to work with my Treo 600, but I have not found the answer. I've search this board and the web. I hate to buy another keyboard if I can get the Targus to work. Any drivers or links or other solutions?
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    I installed the newest driver from Targus ( and still will not work properly. It send 15 or 16 keystrokes at a time (mentioned somewhere else) so is completly inoperable.

    It shows in the Treo 600 Applications Info as Version 1.28.

    Is there a better driver version somewhere?
    For fun & profit & Christ,
    TWF in Chicago
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    I am using the one being sold by "Geeks" and having problems with the software. The keyboard itself works well, well built and it will work with a variety of devices. The software though appears to be affecting my hotsync and I cannot remove it unless I do a cold reboot. I have written to the company because they advertise it working with the Treo and have not yet recieved a decent response from them.

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