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    I'm tired of my friends getting sent into voice mail all the time because my Treo is doing a data search (or whatever...when the lightning bolt goes from grey to green). I'm not actually doing anything when it does this, it's just doing random searches or something...I don't understand exactly.

    Is there any way to set it so that it would only do that search manually?
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    I've never seen my Sprint Treo go to green arrows by itself. But, you can go to Prefs/Network and disconnect. It shouldn't connect to data after that unless you specifcally try to connect to something.

    You might also check out Treo Helper, which can be configured to disconnect the data network after a certain delay.
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    I still can't get it to stop doing this. I've tried going into Prefs, Network, and then tapping "Modify", tapping "disconnect," which it does and the lightning bolts go away, but then eventually they're back, and I catch it scanning for data (green).

    How can I make it NOT search for data without me telling it to??
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    how about this - when you go into Prefs/Network, just hit Disconnect all by itself. No need to hit Modify. Just hit Disconnect only.
    The data side should stay off until you activate an app that uses data - like web or email, or IM or whatever. You might also have some utility that automatically fires up the data side upon startup - TreoHelper will do that, among others. Make sure none of those are activating the data on their own....
    Good luck!!
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    You might be on to something....

    The reason I was hitting "modify" is that I had a red icon saying "LOCKED" and I thought I wouldn't be able to "disconnect" with unlocking, but as it turns out, I can.

    So for now data function is off and we'll see what happens...


    **EDIT** It's already turned itself back on. And something NEW that's just been happening this week, is I'll be sitting there working and will hear my phone vibrate (even with ringer ON), I'll look, and it's scanning for data. Even when it scanned before, it didn't vibrate to say it was searching. HELP! I"m getting annoyed!

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