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    Well, today I was sitting in a Starbucks, watching all the folks with laptops typing away. Some seemed to have WiFi, others were just plugged in to an outlet. A few also had iPods and cellphones...

    Then I broke out my Treo 600 and sat it on its shiny new OEM keyboard.

    The looks started...

    A glance at first, and then stares... A murmur ran through the crowd and a small girl stepped forward.

    "...Mister? Are you typing on that phone?"

    "Why yes dear," I replied.

    "...Mister? Are you on the Internet too?"

    "Why yes dear."

    "...Mister, is that an MP3 you're listening to at the same time?" (she was quite advanced for her age.)

    "Why yes dear."

    "...Mister? Do you have hot-keys assigned to launch apps at will?"

    "Why yes dear."

    "...Mister? Is the weight of all your paraphanelia less than a pound?"

    "Why yes dear."


    "...Yes dear?"



    And you know, she was kinda right...

    (This has been a dramatisation)
    "I see dead pixels..."
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    LOL... i've been called a portability sage, but i think mobility god is a step higher

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