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    For those who use Treo 600, would you recommend Treo 600 to me where I rely so much on email, ims, messaging, or ims wherever I can be reached as a communicator.

    Why or Why not?

    I frankly don't care about voice streaming functionality or because I don't need them. I used Sidekick data plan only within risk-free 14 days period and I returned it back due to very poor coverage from T-mobile. I also was not pleased with T-mobile's customer service.

    Anyone know other service providers than T-Mobile providing only data plans? I have looked into blackberry but I want to check this out first. :-D.

    For me the most important is able to send and receive emails on time and able to send message on aim or whatever that provides instant messaging and somewhat able to access browser. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    yes; just read the other post. talk time, features your only problems is which app to load.

    buy two
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    I love my Treo600! I recently took a trip to Mamoth Cave. I did not need to take my Laptop! I checked my e-mail frommy phone. I beamed pictures I took onmy digital Camera to my Phone then E-Mailed them every night so that my wife could see what I was doing. I even setup my home computer as a shoutcast server so I could have access to my entire CD colection while I was away. I can play games, take picutres (Outdoor comes out great). The list of things you can do with it is almost unlimited, it depends on the software you install onto it. If you get a GSM one, you can get Voice Recording! (With the 3.04 firmware)

    Any problems I have had with my Treo600 have been overshadowed by the list of things that I can do for me.
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    To answer your question directly. Email can be setup to be very effective. SMS works awesome. There are solutions for Instant messaging but they all have there shortcomings. For the most part instant messaging does work though. I haven't used other devices to know how well they handle all or any of these things, but from all the reviews and posts I have read from others who have, the Treo600 is the best combination available.

    You also add in the fact that you can browse full websites, access FTP sites, take pictures, record video, and play music and you have an extremely good investment. BTW, the ability to access FTP sites is huge. You can setup an FTP server on your home PC and then log on and download any important documents or files you may have accidentally left on your home PC. Word Docs and Excel spreadsheets can be opened directly on the phone using Docs to go.

    I hope this helps.
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    Definitely invest in a t600 - I am headed down to florida in a couple of weeks and my friend bet me that I couldn't use my t600 (except for simple phone calls) for the whole week.

    Needless to say, it was a stupid bet, and I look forward to losing royally - there's no way I can survive without my email, IM, web, pocket-tunes, datebook, and the host of games and utilities I own for AN ENTIRE WEEK!

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