When I move JPEGs from the Pictures app to my SD card, and then put the SD card in my PC card reader (WinXP) and then try and open the JPEGs in any app... I can't. I've tried to open these JPEGs in Photoshop 7, Paint, IE, etc. They all say "can't open" or open as corrupt images. However, if I put the card back in my Treo the images look fine in any JPEG viewer.

I've also tried this: On the computer put a JPEG on the card in the /dcim folder. Any JPEG viewer on my Treo can view it. If i move the image to the internal memory and then back to the SD card, and then try and view the SD card on my computer, I get the same "un-openable" jpeg image.

What am I doing wrong?? Has anyone else seen this? thanks