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    OK, obviously I'm a newbie. First, how do I find out what firmware version & hardware revision my phone is? Second, what are the addvantages of updating it if my Treo is working properly (at least I think it is). And Lastly, how/where do I get the updates?


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    Do you have the GSM or Sprint version?
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    Here's the link to the update:

    It covers:

    -Corrects SMS Messaging with Sprint's new network SMS implementation
    -Fixes web browser cookie corruption and cookie size management
    -Enables the use of numbered keys to navigate pages on Sprint's mobile website
    -Corrects provisioning issues that have occurred on a small number of devices

    To find out what hardware version and software version you have:

    1. Go to the Phone application.
    2. Then press the menu button.
    3. Then select Options
    4. Then select Phone Information
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    Ah, I keep seeing things like V4.1 mentioned. I have already applied the Sprint Treo 600 Updater 1.10 patch. Any other patches I need?
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    Nope, you're all set.

    You're probably reading stuff about the GSM firmware.
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    Where do I get the actual firmware for the GSM-version?
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    Quote Originally Posted by gany
    Where do I get the actual firmware for the GSM-version?
    One place to get the 3.04 firmware is here.

    You should probably also check out the Treo 600 Firmware FAQ
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    or you could try here:

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