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    Lately I have been losing some contacts on my Treo. I have about 700 contacts total, so it is hard to keep track of them all, but I know my mom's and brother's contacts have disappeared, which makes me scared that I've lost several others that I just haven't missed yet.

    I sync to Outlook 2000 on my work computer. My sync option is set to "synchronize the files."

    My brother's contact has disappeared a couple of times. Once I added him back to Outlook and the most recent time I added him to my Treo. It's been a few days and it is still there so far.

    Now I noticed that my mom's contact is in Outlook but not on the Treo, and I know it was on my Treo not long ago and I know I didn't delete it.

    It also seems that when I have to set them up again in Outlook, the calendar events I have tied to them in Outlook get duplicated.

    It's turning into a bit of a mess and I'd appreciate any suggestions as to how to resolve it.
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    i've noticed the same thing, but it's so random I never tried tracking it. my current solution is to print off the contacts from outlook periodically, since i don't know where it gets dropped.

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