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    If there are any master Ringo users out there, I would love feedback. I have downloaded the trial Ringo to check it out, but when I go to create a ringtone in the Composer, it makes my GSM treo do a reset. I can't do anything on the Composer screen without that happening. Has anyone had this happen to them? Is there a fix to it? I dont want to pay for the full version until I know this thing is going to work. Thanks!
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    OK, So I just learned that Ringo is only for Treo 270. What are my other options for a ringtone manager? Many downloads say a prerequisite is a ringtone manager (and most mention Ringo). What are you guys out there using? Thanks for your advice in advance.
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    I haven't tried it my self, but it seems the rave right now is HoHo.
    HoHo is a universal Cell Phone RINGTONES and System MIDI files (ALARMS, RINGTONES) creator, editor, player & converter.
    Check it out here.

    It has great reviews and is compatible with Treo 600.
    I tried the trial but it's quite crippled as it only allows you two plug-ins which is basically useless.

    Let me know if it works for you.


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