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    Perhaps reason to hope for a SDIO Bluetooth and/or Wifi card?

    Relevant part:

    "Pretec's complete line of SD I/O peripherals complements the current line of CF I/O including 56K Modem, Ethernet LAN, GPS, Bluetooth, 802.11b, Camera, GSM/GPRS and Presenter, further extending Pretec's I/O line to users of PDA's and Tablet PC's with an SD card slot which supports PocketPC, Tablet PC (Windows XP), and Palm OS." (emphasis added).

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    I'm curious how much.
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    I don't care how much (not really responding directly to you Neo, just adding)... because once my Treo has Bluetooth, I have almost found my perfect handheld for the moment.

    Now, if this Bluetooth module comes with onboard storage.... *drool*.

    The article I read mentions the entire 7 SDIO card line they revealed ranges from $49 to $199. So this won't cost more than $199 and personally, I think the $199 was for the 1.3MP camera.
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    Can't they start selling the 802.11b cards!? I'm all up for it!

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