And I'm loving it. Aside from the handsfree jack not working (see separate post) it's a great unit. I've found a few niggles so far, thought I'd present them here for those who don't care to read through my handsfree problems :-)

1. I would like to change the order of "Alt" characters (foreign language and accented letters), as those I use most often are of course at the bottom of the list (Murphy's law). It would be nice to move them to the top so fewer button presses are required.
2. Using the search function to find a name in Contacts that is marked "private" and having "mask private records" chosen in Security crashes the unit (it resets itself and shows the Palm logo). I have a password assigned.
3. Private records in Contacts don't show up at all (when f.x. scrolling through) even when "mask records" is chosen in Security (meaning the entry is simply a grey bar across where the name and number would normally be). The behaviour in the other Palm apps (Memo pad, etc) is as expected.
4. Scrolling through Memo pad is not as nice as on the Tungsten. There you can press navigator-left to unselect any record, then navigator up/down to scroll a page at a time. Doing this on the Treo simply chooses "Done" or "Category", you can only scroll one record at a time (which in my case is too slow, as I have *many* memos). Sure you can use the stylus (or a finger), but it would be nice to be able to use the navigator as much as possible.
5. It took me a while, but I finally found the Find function ("doh!!!") :-) Used it a lot on my Tungsten as I have many records going back some time.

That's all I've found so far. I really love the integration between the phone and organizer parts.