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    Anyone know where I can one?
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    I think has one under ringtones
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    Quote Originally Posted by mobileman
    I think has one under ringtones
    it has ... just downloaded it.
    Now i need to remember how to get the mid on the phone as a ringtone ... anybody ?
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    Email it as an attachement to yourself and open the attachment on the Treo.
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    Perfect. Thanks.
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    This should help explain how to install midi files.
    Treo 600 friendly website with Ringtones, Shoutcast Feeds and more...
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    mhhh .... i don't have a data plan for the moment, so email is out of the question.
    Is there a way to hotsync it ? Let me rephrase that, i know there is a way to put it on the card and have some program merge it into the ringtone database. But for the life of me i can not remember what program that was.

    edit : memory retruned (or at least partially so that i could do a search) the program you need is launcherX. Open the midi file and it will be transfered to the system ringtones.
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    I tried dowloading it, but I get to a point where it says "Download Complete" Open or Save, but whichever I pick I get a message Error: Database: can't find (0x0207).

    Any ideas>
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    downloading what ? LauncherX or the ringtone ?
    LauncherX is a zip that needs to be installed on the treo
    For the ringtone i just used my normal win2k computer and did a right-click+ save target as. After that just put it on your card and use LaucherX to install it in your ringtone database.
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