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    Not sure if this is peculiar to the Treo600 or to all of the Palm-powered phones. My T600 seems to be particularly silent about missed phone calls. I think I can figure it out if I look *closely* at the call log, and I'm assuming that there isn't any built-in way to do what I had on all of my Nokia phones, which is a simple list of who I missed and when.

    Is this a function of the add-on software that accounts for air time, etc? If so, which one?
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    If you look at the call log in the Treo, you will see a triangle beside each entry.
    The green triangle pointing to the right is an incoming call that you answered.
    The lighter triangle pointing to the right is a missed call.
    The orange triangle pointing to the left is an outgoing call.

    You can also select each type from the dropdown list that appears beside the signal indicator.
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