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    PalmOne just released a new version of the Palm desktop for Mac (version 4.2.1) to add enhancements (? support to directly sync photos to SD card) and bug fixes for Mac OS 10.3. I don't see any specific reference whether this will work on Treos. Any ideas? Has anyone taken the plunge?

    BTW, remember if you are an iSync user on your Mac, that you need to rejuggle your conduits and/or reinstall the iSync conduit patch after reinstalling any Palm desktop.
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    Just installed it. Seems to work fine. I use iSync, so I can't evaluate the (possibly updated) conduits. Needed to remove all the Palm-related conduits to get iSync back at work as usual. HotSync-related apps are all version 3.2 and dated 13-Jan-2004. Memo conduit is 4.2.1 and 27-Feb-2004. The new "Send to Handheld" app makes installing MP3s and photos to your SD card marginally easier but still just as slow (60 seconds for a 900K MP3). A "resize" option shrinks your photos to 640x480 or thereabouts before syncing if you so desire. A big yawn.
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    Anyone tried this on OS 9? I'm doing ok but don't want to break anything (i'm ordering a G5 and moving to OS X this summer, but need to hold on until then)

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