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    My thread was lost during the problems with the forums here at treo central, so I feel an update is needed for those of you who may have experienced water damage and believe that treo-life as you know it is over unless you shell out the cash to purchase another unit.

    I am still waiting for my unit to arrive however I sent it to a place in Orlando, Fl, a cell phone repair shop. They gave me a call and it cost me $175 bucks to repair, the water had damaged the board and a slight spot on the screen. Now, i know that may seem like a lot of money, but when you think about it, if you're unable to get a new unit through insurance, you're better off repairing your own phone than getting a reburbished unit, which you know nothing about. Well, those are my thoughts anyway.

    I will post back as soon as my phone arrives. Life without the treo is really boring!
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    Well, since that last post, my phone is currently being repaired. The shop had to order a board directly from Handspring, so next week it should be in route to me. I think it's terrific that they order the parts from the manufacturer, because otherwise, I don't think I would have ever gotten it fixed. So there is hope out there for someone else who may encounter the water issue.
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    Well, I'm happy to say that my treo is back! and it's in great shape! Basically, the repair center in FL ordered a new board directly from Handspring. The back of my phone that has the s/n on it is new, but the lid and flip are the same. All I had to do was take it back into the sprint store for reactivation. No problem! Works like a if anyone else runs into water damage, there is hope...may cost you around $175 but at least you'll have your same phone.

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