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    This recent new program sits in the Palm Preferences, just above the original ShortCuts tab.

    It's up to version 1.1, which was an update just for us Treo 600 users.

    It's is just like the original ShortCuts but you can have up to 4096 characters in the shortcut.

    However the big difference is that the DOT . is used to launch it instead of the :shortcut: ShortCut sign. Great for those out there who do not use Graffiti Anywhere on the Treo.

    Have fun

    Thought of the day :
    No sense being pessimistic, it probably wouldn't work anyway
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    Thanks for the info. Works great.
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    That looks like it. I downloaded it at Palmgear.
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    That's the do you say...Shiznit..the Bomb!
    I love it! Why didn't HS think of that?
    Since most of the time, there is a space after a ".", using the "." to triger a shortcut is a great idea.
    Kudos to the aurthor~!

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