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    I've recently purchased and installed Docs-to-go 6.008 and everything was working properly the 1st few days. However, lately whenever I try to hotsync my treo 600 to my desktop, my sync process hangs during the "Looking for updated documents" part in docs-to-go requiring me to soft reset my treo 600 and reboot my computer. The only way I can complete my hotsync process is to turn off doc-to-go synchronization rendering the software useless. I've already emailed dataviz several times about this problem but still haven't heard from them. Hope someone can help me make docs-to-go work
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    I finally received a reply from dataviz (Jenn Figueroa) which solves my problem. It seems that I failed to read the part in their support page to disable "status window in docs-to-go" when having problems with syncing. Once I disabled it...IT WORKS! Thanks so much to Jenn Figueroa!

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