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    Well, I just picked up my Treo 600 OEM keyboard and I can truly say this is one incredible accessory to have.

    I do a LOT of typing and the keyboard feels real good. You really can do a lot of typing on it -- I mean the kind of typing that you'd normally do on a laptop. It works very well in most apps; however the cursor and number keys don't seem to work in QuickOffice and the Function-Enter key (or "OK" key) seems to reset the device in Snappermail.

    Other than that I think you'll find this one incredibly well designed and sturdy keyboard. Ease of typing is on par with a Vaio 505 (type "quick brown fox..." about 50 times and you'll get used to it.)

    I'm normally the kind of person who is a little disappointed by things that I purchase over the web. Somehow the quality always seems lower than advertised ... Not so with the OEM keyboard.
    "I see dead pixels..."
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    I agree, keyboard is well worth the money
    but you're in the wrong forum: SD cards
    instead of accessories....
    <<< insert witty comment here >>>

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