I contacted Handspring when my first treo 600 took a dooky (speaker problem). Handspring told me to get the handset replaced by Sprint CS. Sprint CS mailed me a "refurbished" piece of crap which need to be replaced. I threw a fit at the Sprint store and they swapped the 2nd defective model with a new Treo 600. Guess what? One week later, the third handset takes a crap.

I phoned Sprint CS/tech support who directs me to the Sprint store for a "refund of my money." I show up at the store today and the asst. manager basically acknowledged that my account notes from cs/tech support directed me to the store for a refund. however, it was the store's discretion as to whether they would refund my money or not. And Sprint's decision was NOT.

He gave me two options: get another phone (not a $600 treo, but the $49 LG p.o.s. perhaps?) or (get this) reload the software, which I have done, unsucessfully with each of the defective models.

The Sprint store rep also stated the following: "What would you like me to do? the phone is not defective, the software has a known glitch (that results in a soft reset when a website is typed in).

I calmly explained that the software adds necessary functionality to the phone and the inability to synch the phone resulted in a "less than functional product." He said, "so what? the phone operates."

I told him that if the phone could not operate as advertised (meaning you can synch it, use the browser to access the web, etc) then it was either defective or alternatively, false advertising/misrepresentation/fraud by Sprint.

I ended up leaving the handset at the store and was given the regional manager's number to contact to resolve the matter. ha

Sprint and handspring are clearly passing the buck with neither taking responsibility for this bullshi$. Handspring refused to replace the original defective model despite the fact that I purchased it directly through them.

Has anyone taken either one of these bastar*% to small claims court? class action suit?