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    This has been happening for two days now. I am using a standard program and the device will suddenly soft reset, then it just keeps soft reseting over and over again. The only way to make it stop is to perform a hard reset. Then all of my data is lost. When I do a restore via hotsync or backup man from sd card it goes through just fine. Then it says that a soft reset is required. Once it does I start over at square one, soft reseting over and over. Any advice or causes?
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    do you have tc ringer installed?
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    either there is a problem with your firmware on the Treo or you are using an application that doesn't work or play well with others. I would take the treo back to a clean slate and try using the programs one at a time. if you aren't using any applications except for the ones installed when you hard-reset the Treo there I would have to suspect a hardware issue get it replaced if you can. Good luck.
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    Have you tried resetting while holding up on the nav? This allows the Treo to boot without any software running that might cause those reset loops. But yes, the real problem needs to be fixed as Jessop said.
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    Thanks for the replies!! I went through my apps one by one and narrowed the problem down to the UK version of AIM. I guess that is what I get for trying to IM for free!! What is the best IM program AIM. Nothing fancy, and I would like to avoid paying AOL for their US app!
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    For IM most popular around here seems to beChatter or VeriChat
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    i use AIM uk all the time u just have to make sure you disconnect AIM before you put the palm to sleep or letting it go to sleep you shouldn't have that problem. At least that is what i do. i also run AIM on the SD card and I seem to have much less problems for some reason.

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